John deere 513 bush hog specs

John deere 513 bush hog specs: Let’s explore the specifications of the John Deere 513 Rotary Cutter, a sturdy machine designed for trimming grass, weeds, and light brush:

Gearbox: The gearbox plays a vital role in rotary cutters. However, sourcing a replacement gearbox with the exact groove on the input shaft to prevent detachment of the slip clutch/drive shaft can pose a challenge.

But there’s an alternative solution: consider having a new input shaft customized by your local machine shop to meet your requirements. In case you opt for aftermarket gearboxes, ensure they include a compatible driveshaft or slip clutch replacement.

Parts for Rebuilding:

  • Input Bearing (2x): Identified by part number 32007X.
  • Output Bearing (2x): Identified by part number 32008X.
  • Input Shaft Seal (1x): Identified by part number 34-62-6.
  • Output Shaft Seal (1x): Identified by part number 39-80-101.

Safety Features:

  • Front and Rear Chain Shields: These shields enhance safety by preventing debris from scattering during operation.
  • Stump Jumper Blade Holder: This feature safeguards the gearbox and blades from damage when encountering obstacles.
  • 3-Point Hitch Hookup: Offers stability and robustness.
  • Smooth Top Deck: Facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.

In case you need to replace the gearbox, consider reputable suppliers such as Surplus Center or ASC, known for offering quality gearboxes at competitive prices. Additionally, think about upgrading the shear bolt in your slip clutch to a grade 5 bolt for increased durability. Happy trimming! 🌿🚜

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