How much does a 16.9-28 tractor tire weigh?

How much does a 16.9-28 tractor tire weigh? A 16.9-28 tractor tire, with an approximate height of 28 inches or 2.3 feet, serves as a staple for various agricultural applications, primarily tractors. These tires play a crucial role in providing traction, stability, and efficiency in farm operations.

Types of 16.9-28 Tractor Tires:

  1. Bias-Ply Tires: Renowned for their robustness and longevity, bias-ply tires feature multiple layers of rubber reinforced with cords. While they excel in durability, they tend to be pricier compared to radial tires.
  2. Radial Tires: Utilizing a single layer of rubber reinforced with steel belts, radial tires offer a cost-effective alternative to bias-ply tires. However, they may not match the durability of their counterpart.
  3. Specialty Tires: Tailored to meet specific agricultural requirements, specialty tires like flotation tires aim to minimize soil compaction, thereby preserving soil health. Though they may come at a higher price point, their unique benefits justify the investment.

Specifications of Common 16.9-28 Tractor Tires:

  • Overall Diameter: Approximately 55.1 inches.
  • Static Loaded Radius: About 25 inches.
  • Rolling Circumference: Around 160 inches.
  • Tread Depth: Typically 26 (32nds).
  • Tire Weight: Approximately 142 lbs.

Choosing the Right Tire:

When selecting tires for your tractor, it’s essential to consider factors such as soil type, terrain, and intended applications. By understanding the differences between bias-ply, radial, and specialty tires, farmers can make informed decisions that optimize safety, productivity, and cost-efficiency in their farming operations.

In conclusion, the versatility and importance of 16.9-28 tractor tires cannot be overstated in modern agriculture.

Understanding tire types and specifications empowers farmers to improve their farming practices, boosting efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.

Remember, choosing the right tire type is paramount for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your tractor equipment. 🚜🌾

What does 16.9-28 mean on a tractor tire?

When it comes to tractor tires, the alphanumeric code stamped on the sidewall, such as “16.9-28,” holds valuable information about the tire’s specifications.

This code essentially breaks down into two key measurements: the tire width (or section width) and the rim diameter.

The first number, like “16.9,” denotes the tire’s width in inches, measured from sidewall to sidewall at its widest point. In the case of a 16.9-28 tire, this width would be approximately 16.9 inches.

Following the hyphen, the second number, such as “28,” indicates the diameter of the rim that the tire is designed to fit, also measured in inches. Therefore, understanding these numerical values provides crucial insights into selecting the right tire for specific agricultural equipment, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

What size rim is a 16.9 x28?

When deciphering the size of a tractor tire like “16.9 x 28,” it’s essential to grasp the significance of the numbers. While the “16.9” represents the tire’s width, the “28” corresponds to the recommended rim diameter. This suggests that a 16.9 x 28 tire is ideally suited for a 28-inch rim.

However, variations may exist:

Some tractors may utilize rims slightly wider or narrower than the recommended size, depending on manufacturer specifications or intended application. To ensure compatibility, consult your tractor’s manual or tire manufacturer’s information for the recommended rim size. Additional tips for accuracy:

Examine the tire sidewall for recommended rim width details. Seek assistance from a tire specialist at a farm equipment store or tire shop if uncertain about the appropriate rim size.

When replacing a tire, measure the existing rim diameter to ensure a suitable replacement. By adhering to these guidelines and leveraging available resources, selecting the correct rim size for your 16.9 x 28 tractor tire becomes a straightforward task.

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