Size Matters: Demystifying 13.6-24 Tractor Tire Dimensions

13.6-24 tractor tire dimensions: Let’s dive into the dimensions of the 13.6-24 tractor tires offered by different brands:

13.6-24 tractor tire dimensions

First up, we have the BKT TR-135. This model boasts a section width of 13.6 inches and an overall diameter of 47.6 inches. With a static loaded radius of 22 inches and a rolling circumference of 140 inches, it’s engineered to deliver reliable performance in various agricultural applications.

Next, let’s consider the BKT TR-171 Deep Tread. Sharing similar dimensions with the TR-135, this tire offers an overall diameter of 47.6 inches and a static loaded radius of 22 inches. However, it stands out with a rolling circumference of 142 inches and a non-skid depth (NSD) of 67 (32nds), ensuring exceptional traction and stability even in challenging terrain.

Finally, we have the Firestone Super All Traction II. Boasting a modern tread design with a 23-degree angle for maximum traction, this tire also features an overall diameter of 47.6 inches. While specific measurements like section width and static loaded radius aren’t provided, its innovative design prioritizes both performance and comfort during operation.

It’s worth noting that tire dimensions may vary slightly depending on the specific model and manufacturer. For precise details, especially if you’re considering purchasing a particular tire, I recommend consulting the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the perfect fit for your agricultural needs. 🚜🔍

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