Exploring the Farmall M Tractor: A comprehensive overview

The Farmall M tractor, manufactured by Farmall as part of International Harvester, holds a significant place in agricultural history. Let’s delve into its production details, engine specifications, transmission, tires, and dimensions to gain a comprehensive understanding of this iconic machine.

The Farmall M, produced in Rock Island, Illinois, USA, saw a total of 270,140 units built. Initially priced at $1,440 in 1946, its value rose to $2,600 by 1952. The M came in various versions, including the MV high-clearance “vegetable version” and the MD diesel. Additionally, there were regional variants like the Australian-built AM and the British-built BM.

Engines Overview

The Farmall M was powered by two engine options: the International Harvester 4.1L 4-cylinder distillate and gasoline engines. The distillate engine boasted a displacement of 247.7 cubic inches (4.1 liters) and a compression ratio of 4.75:1, while the gasoline engine had a compression ratio of 5.65:1. Both engines featured a liquid-cooled vertical I-head design.


Equipped with a sliding gear transmission, the Farmall M offered 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear, providing versatility for various agricultural tasks.


The Farmall M was fitted with different tire sizes to suit different applications, including 6.00-16 for the front and 11-38 for the rear. Additional tire options included 22.50×4 and 51×8 for steel wheels, as well as larger sizes like 10-38, 12-38, and 11.25-36.


Measuring 133 inches in length, 84 inches in width, and 78.3 inches in height, with a wheelbase of 88.5 inches, the Farmall M offered a balance of size and maneuverability. It had a shipping weight of 4858 lbs and a ballasted weight of 6770 lbs, with front and rear treads ranging from 9.125 to 88 inches.

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By exploring these details, one can appreciate the Farmall M tractor’s versatility, durability, and contribution to agricultural practices of its time.

Unleash the Power: The Legendary Farmall Super M Tractor! 🚜

Ah, let’s talk about the Farmall Super M, a real workhorse of a tractor that earned its stripes from 1939 to 1953 under the International Harvester’s Farmall brand. Picture this: it’s a big three-plow row-crop machine that could handle just about anything thrown its way, succeeding the Farmall F-30 in the lineup.

Now, what made the Super M so super? Well, for starters, it packed a punch with its four-cylinder gasoline engine churning out a solid 40 horsepower (that’s about 30 kW for you tech buffs). And when it came to getting the job done, this tractor offered options.

You could go with a four-speed manual transmission for a smooth ride, or step it up with a five-speed manual if you needed that extra oomph.

Farmall M Tractor
Farmall Super M Tractor

But here’s where the Super M really shone – versatility. This bad boy could do more than just plow fields. Attachments?

Oh, it had plenty. Whether you needed to cultivate, plant, or mow, the Super M was up for the task.

It was like the Swiss Army knife of tractors, ready to tackle any job on the farm.

Now, fast forward to 1954, and the Super M passed the torch to the Farmall 400. But don’t think for a second that its story ended there.

Nope, the Super M still holds a special place in the hearts of collectors and hobbyists today. With its durability, reliability, and timeless charm, the Super M continues to roll on, reminding us of the legacy it left behind in the world of farming machinery.

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